Universal Thermal Services Equipment Brokering

Universal Thermal Services Inc. [UTS] will act as an equipment broker for your used thermal spray equipment.

Please contact UTS Inc. for assisting with moving your equipment or system. UTS is the broker between the Buyer and the Seller to make sure the Seller receives their money and that the Buyer of the equipment receives their purchased equipment as expected as advertised per the pictures offered in the sale. There is a 10% fee for the sale of any equipment.

Seller Information:

You have the opportunity to place your equipment on Consignment with Universal Thermal Services Inc. on our – Used Equipment- Consignment web page. UTS is here to make sure your system is seen by many seekers to buy and to assure you get your money as agreed in the transaction. We have years of experience moving from good Sellers to good Buyers. We need to make sure you get paid for your Consigned equipment; UTS is the safe agent for making the Buyer feel safe and you the Seller feel safe.

  • Provide us with clear photos of all sides of the equipment.
    • Pics full sized are best for parties interested.
  • Grade condition of your system as A, B or C in working order and appearance.
  • State the power requirements.
  • Supply Serial Numbers of each unit within the system.
  • Detail a good list of what is included with the system.
  • Price that you must have for this system.
  • UTS shall post your equipment or system on our site

Buyer Information:

If you are interested in a unit or a system offered on our Consignment page, UTS is here to protect your purchase; to make sure you get exactly what you’re willing to purchase from the seller, to make sure it arrives safely. We have years of experience moving from good Sellers to good Buyers while protecting your investment from going to someone moving scrap equipment.

  • No Equipment will ship to the Buyer without full price paid up front “Cash In Hand” to Universal Thermal Services on behalf of the Seller.
  • The Seller will be paid after shipment arrives safely at the Buyer’s facility.
  • The Seller must provide protective crates for every unit “only” if so desired from the Buyer, to assure the Buyer’s equipment is provided optimum protection from damage.
    • Crate costs are at the Buyer expense. This is to be discussed prior to shipment.

Buyer’s Choice:

  • In a case where the buyer desires functional verification of the system first, prior to taking ownership of a system:
    • The system can be shipped to Universal Thermal Services facility for testing, repairs and calibration.   This can be at the Buyer’s expense as long as the Seller agrees.
    • UTS can be requested to travel on behalf of the buyer to Seller’s facility to make a run off inspection.  Buyer’s expense.

Terms if UTS is to verify system at UTS’s facility:

I.  The Buyer will pay for the equipment in Full to Universal Thermal Services Inc.

  • This payment is fully refundable to Buyer, less expenses.
  • Payment in full protects the Seller; for the Seller to feel assured the Buyer is serious over this purchase yet needs assurances.
    • The Seller will only receive a 30% down payment from Universal Thermal Services for the equipment from the Buyers monies.  This is to protect the Buyer from losing all investment up front.
  • After 30% is received by the Seller, the Seller will then ship the system to Universal Thermal to be tested for functionality.  The system is still the Sellers at this time until sale is finalized to protect the Buyer.

II.  Universal Thermal Services Technician will fully test and calibrated the system.

  • The system will be tested for leaks and functionality.
  • Any minor replacement parts required for testing, will be forward to both parties for approval.  These minor expenses are to be handled by the Buyer when finished.
  • If the system is found to be faulty/nonfunctional:
    • UTS will make a repair estimation based on the fault[s] of the equipment.
    • The estimated value for the repair needs will be discussed between both parties on behalf of the Buyer.
    • The Buyer will make a determination if the system repairs are worth the purchase price plus the estimated repairs cost.
    • Note: Estimations are only an estimate, prior to attempting the repairs; the costs could become more as the repairs begin.

III. The Buyer and Seller may choose to negotiate further on the sale both having knowledge of the repair estimation expenses from UTS.

IV. Once the system tests out good, all monies [less commission] will be forwarded onto Seller after a final sale price has been agreed upon.

V. The system will be re-crated as sent by the Seller.

  • The buyer has pay UTS for the repairs agreed to, by the Buyer.
  • The system is then released to the trucking firm contracted and sent in by the Buyer.

VI. Universal Thermal can be contracted for the install and interfacing per the Buyers needs.

If The Sale Is No Longer Valuable Decision to Buyer:

The only reason the Buyer can back out from continuing to purchase this system once the system has been released from the seller to UTS is if the sale is no longer of value to the Buyer due to the additional the estimated repair costs at UTS’s facility.

  • The Buyer receives his full purchase price back [less the expenses of the testing and shipping]! This includes the 30% down payment sent to the seller.
    • The monies will come out of UTS’s bank! Prior to the 30% coming back from the seller. This way the Buyer is quickly satisfied in the transaction.
    • Note: Repair costs estimated will not be charged to the intended Buyer.
  • The Seller has the option to have UTS continue the system repairs for the next buyer or can chose to have it upgraded first prior to being sent back for installation and use at their facility once again, at Sellers expense.
    • The system could be stored at UTS for a Monthly fee.
  • At this point UTS has given the Buyer all of the Buyers money back to the Buyer without UTS receiving money back from the Seller.
    • The Seller is to now send back to UTS its money.
    • Only if agreed to by both Seller and UTS the system may stay with UTS as its new owner for an agreed to price.

To have the system sent back the Seller:

  • The Seller must reimburse UTS the 30% down payment received by the seller prior to equipment being sent back to the Seller.
  • The system is then released to the trucking firm contracted and sent in by the Seller.