7MC Gas Flow Converted to 9MC Gas Flow Section

The 7MC, 3MC, 2MC and the MCN Consoles were designed with non calibratable flow tubes that were very inaccurate. Metco’s 9MC is a very well designed flow system. We decided that since your 7MC systems are long lasting and reliable, we would help you make it Calibratable and duplicate the 9MC by using the 9MC Flow meters; fully adjustable.

This is a plug in and go unit. When installing this module you have to loosen the flow pan screws and drop it as low as possible then tighten and insert this assembly; connect the tubes and supply hoses. Give it a leak test and begin to spray using 9MC parameters.

With this 9MC Upgrade Module unit you will have upgraded your entire thermal spray to the quality of the 9MC without the down time, without the expense of a new system, without the permits, without a learning curve . . . match up the scfh to those published by Metco. If you have special designed coatings we can calibrate verify the scfh flows where your 7MC is currently flowing at, then that scfh value is simply dialed in on the 9MC Upgrade and the coating result should show the same.